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Air Conditioning

Air conditioners and refrigerators operate with compressors powered electrically, which require the more energy the warmer the air to be cooled is. The basic idea of solar refrigeration is to make use of “excess” solar energy for the refrigeration of buildings or devices, especially at the hottest times of the day. Solar refrigeration saves electricity and, moreover, in contrast to solar heating, has no problem of storage: the demand of refrigeration increases and decreases almost simultaneously with the supply of solar energy. According to requirements, different processes of solar refrigeration are applied.



Ideal for Every Season

Refrigerators can either operate on the principle of the heat pump or on the thermo-electrical method. Rooms or buildings are cooled by withdrawing water from the warm ambient air by means of adsorption to suitable materials, and thereby cooling it (evaporative heat loss). In order to enable these adsorption materials to absorb moisture again they are dried by heat supplied by the solar collector. So, the same solar collector for refrigeration in summer and as a heating support in winter.
While solar heat production is quite common the possibilities of solar refrigeration are still undervalued in the general public opinion. At least in tropical or subtropical regions the future appears bright for solar air conditioning.




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