Swimming Pools


What years ago used to be held for a status symbol has turned today into a leisure time item. Any private owner can afford it at the cost of a short family vacation. A swimming pool in your own garden is a guarantee for untarnished private pleasures.

However, as show investigations carried out by airesol nicos coaching s.l. along with BAYROL Germany on the Canary Islands, these pleasures are not always untroubled. Cleaning and disinfection of swimming pool water is either neglected or not carried out at all. Bathers introduce considerable amounts of organic and inorganic contaminants as well as germs and aetiologic agents into the pool water, between 100 million and 3 billion germs, according to the type of contamination.

 In order to provide bathers with hygienically impeccable and esthetically appealing water at any time the introduced contaminants must be filtered and eradicated by pool water treatment systems that work on circulation.


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